Hermès Gallop Buffalo Black

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Delivery time: 5 - 10 working days

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Slight signs of wear

A beautiful Hermès vintage bag made from buffalo leather. The leather is exceptionally soft and still gives shape. Nowadays, buffalo leather is mainly used on the edges because of its excellent water protection. A bag that only consists of buffalo leather is therefore a rarity. 

Dimensions: approx 31cm x 40cm x 15cm

Status: The bag is in great condition.

Delivery time: 5 - 10 working days

Hire purchase
From 143.- /Month

Quality level

Quality level A

As good as new

The item is in excellent condition and has no defects or signs of use. It is either an exhibition model or a unique piece that has only been worn very rarely. 

Quality level B

Slight signs of wear

The article is in very good condition, has no defects and only slight signs of use (e.g. slight discoloration of the natural leather, hardly visible scratches). There are no major scratches or stains.

Quality level C


The article was worn with love and shows visible signs of wear. There may be major scratches and minor stains, but they are listed in the product photos. Functionality is still fully and sustainably given. 

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