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From haute couture Yves Saint Laurents and the “Le Smoking” jackets to the explosive moments with Tom Ford. The label Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) can look back on a crazy history in which fashion was significantly influenced. Very clear lines, elegant all around and the color black again and again is the style with which YSL shaped the fashion world. In addition to the elegance, his collections also repeatedly sparked controversy - he was the first fashion designer to use completely transparent fabrics for his creations. The scandalous thing was not only that the fabrics were transparent, but also that the clothes were worn without underwear.
Yves Saint-Laurent revolutionized the fashion world not only with freedom, but also with the first pant suit for women (“Le Smoking”). It became a fashionable symbol of the women's movement and the second wave of emancipation of the 1960s. Yves Saint Laurent assessed his work as follows: “Chanel freed women, and I empowered them” Yves Saint Laurent started his career as a student of Christian Dior. In the summer of 1957, Christian Dior decided that his master student should one day succeed him, not knowing how soon this would be the case. Because in the same year Christian Dior dies unexpectedly of a heart attack. Overnight, the 21-year-old Saint Laurent became the chief designer of a renowned Parisian fashion house. His first collection in 1958 was a resounding success that made him a star in the entire fashion world. After its extremely successful start, its collections were no longer received with the same euphoria. In view of the vigorous rejuvenation of the entire Dior collection, Yves fell out of favor with the older women and the owners of Dior. While he was still in the French military during the Algerian War of Independence, he received news of his dismissal from Dior. He then launched his own fashion house with his partner Pierre Bergé in 1960: Yves Saint Laurent. In 1966, YSL was the first Parisian haute couture fashion house to launch a prêt-à-porter line called the Rive Gauche. In the same year he presented his classic tuxedo suit for women, “Le Smoking”, to the world. The 1990s were characterized by changes and mixed results, until Gucci finally took over the fashion label in 1999 and appointed Tom Ford as chief designer. Yves Saint Laurent himself retired from the fashion business in 2002 and died in 2008 of a brain tumor.

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