Category: SUPPLIER: RB

  • Chanel Camera Bag Small

    Chanel Camera Bag Small Black Lambskin Gold

    CHF 1'600
  • Chanel Classic Medium Square

    Chanel Classic Double Flap Medium Tall Gold

    CHF 4'800
  • Chanel camera bag

    Chanel Camera Bag Small Red Lambskin Gold

    CHF 1'900
  • Chanel Classic Medium Tall

    Chanel Classic Double Flap Medium Tall Gold

    CHF 4'600

Purchase on invoice

When ordering on account, you have the option of paying the invoice in full or in installments. You can conveniently only decide when you receive the invoice. The payment period is always 14 days. Please note that we are working with our financing partner when purchasing on account Powerpay work together. The entire collection and dunning process is handled by our partner, who also carries out an identity and credit check. Since fraudulent orders on account occur repeatedly, an additional confirmation with an SMS code is necessary for amounts of CHF 1000 or more. 

Full amount

Would you like to pay the invoice amount in full?

For the transfer, please take the empty payment slip and enter the total invoice amount.

Installment payments

Would you like to pay the invoice amount in installments and transfer the absolute minimum?

Please enter the desired payment amount in the empty payment slip. The minimum payment amount is 10% of the value of the goods. If you make a partial payment, you will receive an invoice every month until the entire amount has been paid. The outstanding amount increases by 1% every month. The amount to be paid can be selected anew for each installment. Powerpay also charges a processing fee of CHF 2.90 (post) or CHF 1.90 (email) per invoice.