About Chanel

In a unique way, Chanel exudes the scent of timeless elegance, glamorous luxury and feminine pioneering spirit at the same time. The incomparable elegance and authenticity of the Chanel brand is closely linked to the personality of the founder.

When Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel was born poorly in 1883, there was nothing to suggest that she would mature into the most important fashion designer of the 20th century. Difficult teenage years in the orphanage, appearances as a singer and first contacts with an unknown luxury world made her grow into an extraordinarily ambitious, independent and free woman. Faithful friendships and passionate love relationships as well as a longing for culture, discovery and travel have shaped her personality.

In 1910, with the help of her wealthy lover, the English mine owner Arthur “Boy” Capel, she opened a hat studio that was very popular. From then on, the young designer expanded into related areas and developed into a well-known fashion icon. As a poor woman, Coco Chanel was always dependent on the goodwill of rich men in her ascent. That is probably why one of her greatest goals was to become as independent as possible as a person and also with her company. In addition, she played a significant role in the change in fashion, which was more geared towards the needs of women and female forms. The beautiful handbag Chanel 2.55 was not only a feast for the eyes, but also set new standards with its functionality. It was the first to be equipped with a shoulder strap and numerous small compartments.

Our Chanel range

  • Chanel Classic Gold

    Chanel Classic Single Flap Jumbo Goldenes Lackleder

    CHF 4'300
  • Chanel Camera Bag Small

    Chanel Camera Bag Small Black Lambskin Gold

    CHF 1'600
  • Chanel Classic Medium Square

    Chanel Classic Double Flap Medium Tall Gold

    CHF 4'800
  • Chanel camera bag

    Chanel Camera Bag Small Red Lambskin Gold

    CHF 1'900
  • Chanel Classic Medium Tall

    Chanel Classic Double Flap Medium Tall Gold

    CHF 4'600
  • Chanel Classic Jumbo Vintage

    Chanel Classic Single Flap Jumbo Gold

    CHF 3'900
  • Chanel Wild Stitch Drawstring

    Chanel Wild Stitch Drawstring

    CHF 1'100
  • Chanel GST gold

    Chanel GST Black Caviar Gold Hardware

    CHF 3'200
  • Chanel Grand Shopping Tote

    Chanel GST Black Caviar Gold Hardware

    CHF 3'400
  • Chanel WOC

    Chanel WOC Red Patent Leather Silver Hardware

    CHF 1'580
  • C

    Chanel Lamb Skin Crossbody Bag Black

    CHF 1'060
  • Chanel Black Backpack

    Chanel Lamb Leather Backpack Black

    CHF 2'300
  • Chanel Lamb Skin Fringe Camel Brown

    Chanel Lamb Skin Fringe Camel Brown

    CHF 1'200
  • Chanel V Stitch Black

    Chanel V Stitch Lamb Skin Black

    CHF 1'200
  • Chanel Triple Coco

    Chanel Triple Coco Caviar Leather Black

    CHF 2'060
  • Chanel Matelasse

    Chanel Matelasse Lamb Skin Black

    CHF 2'100
  • Chanel Camellia Lambskin Black

    Chanel Camellia Quilted Lambskin Black

    CHF 2'200
  • Chanel Silver Lamb Skin

    Chanel Silver Lambskin Tote

    CHF 1'960
  • Chanel Metallic Clutch Bronze

    Chanel Metallic Clutch Bronze

    CHF 1'100
  • Chanel Classic Double Flap Medium Beige

    Chanel Classic Double Flap Beige Medium Golden Hardware

    CHF 4'100
  • Chanel Classic Double Flap Medium

    Chanel Classic Double Flap Medium Golden Hardware

    CHF 4'100
  • Chanel Quilted Black Chain Bag

    Chanel Quilted Black Chain Bag

    CHF 1'980
  • Chanel Unlimited Nylon Silver

    Chanel Unlimited Nylon Silver

    CHF 770
  • Chanel Black Caviar Skin with Tassel

    Chanel Black Caviar Skin with Tassel

    CHF 1'430
  • Chanel Vintage CC Drawstring Bucket Bag Suede Brown

    Chanel Vintage CC Drawstring Bucket Bag Suede Brown

    CHF 1'100
  • Chanel Matelasse Cambon Red

    Chanel Matelasse Cambon Red

    CHF 1'880
  • Chanel Classic Double Flap Maxi

    Chanel Classic Double Flap Maxi Black Lambskin Gold Hardware

    CHF 5'300
  • Chanel Classic Double Flap Brown Medium

    Chanel Classic Double Flap Brown Gold Hardware Medium

    CHF 3'500
  • Chanel Cerf Executive Medium Calfskin Black

    Chanel Cerf Executive Medium Calfskin Black

    CHF 2'900

Chanel authenticity check

You can recognize an original Chanel bag by these features.

CHANEL has a large number of types of leather, but the most popular and most counterfeited are caviar leather (image no. 1) and lamb leather. Compared to caviar leather, classic smooth lamb leather is softer, has a smooth appearance and is homogeneous. Whereas the caviar leather is grained and often mentioned, it is more robust and scratch-resistant. The caviar leather is characterized by its fine elevations, which are reminiscent of black "caviar". It should also be mentioned that CHANEL also has bags made of fabric.

All the seams on a CHANEL bag are extremely precise and have a uniform appearance. The stitches of a single seam are an indication of whether it is an original. Usually there are 11 stitches in one seam. A seamless transition can be seen both on the back of a pocket by the attached compartment and on the front of the flap.

The inner lining lines the bag perfectly. It fits tightly and does not form folds or "loose" spots. Like the entire CHANEL bag itself, the interior is also lined with the best quality leather.

The chain of a CHANEL bag has a heavy weight and is made of metal. On vintage models before 2008, the metal was plated with 24K gold. The leather of the chain is braided through the chain and is also made of high quality leather. The leather that is pulled through the CHANEL chain is sewn in one place, creating a small gap.

The counterpart to the clasp of a CHANEL bag is always attached with two flat screws, which form a flat surface with the locking plate. On the left of the locking badge is CHANEL and on the right of it PARIS. These two words are written evenly and are easy to read.


With the classic CHANEL clasp and the CHANEL CC logo itself, the left C in the lower area is always above the right C. In the upper area, the left C is below the right C. The classic CC clasp can be flat or curved fail. Some classic CC clasps have a kind of “stamped embossing” on one of the C. Its placement and appearance vary depending on the year of production. This "embossing" also indicates that the bag was made in France. Classic CHANEL bags made in Italy do not have this "embossing" at all.

At CHANEL, the serial number and the associated authenticity card were launched in 1984. The length of the serial number and its starting number vary according to the year of production. From 2005, the authenticity card was provided with a gray / white circle on the top right.


Your questions about Chanel secondhand handbags, our answers.

We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about our Chanel secondhand handbags and our answers.

This is the classic CHANEL 2.55, which was first presented in February 1955 and was reinterpreted by Karl Lagerfeld on his debut at CHANEL (1983). This is due to the silver or gold colored CC logo fastener and the leather-braided shoulder strap. This was henceforth traded under the name "classic bag". For many customers, this is THE absolute CHANEL classic.

The grainy calfskin (also called caviar) or fine lamb leather.

This means that everything is included, such as a storage box and dust bag. Care booklets and original packaging material may also still be present.
Yes it is possible. Some well-known style icons and many of our customers do it that way.

This concerns the flaps with which the bag can be closed. With a "single flap" there is only one outer flap to close the bag. With a "double flap" there are 2 flaps, one inside and one outside. 

This is the abbreviation for the CHANEL Grand Shopper Tote, which is no longer manufactured this way.

No, they are available in all possible colors and different materials. Chanel also brings other variations with new collections

Yes, CHANEL also repairs old and vintage models. All this at perfectly acceptable prices. The customer service at CHANEL is excellent.

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